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Exit Interview Template & Form For Conducting Productive Exit Interviews

Why do you need an employee exit interview template?

Following an exit interview template enables you to make the most of the process. The employee’s constructive comments and observations are documented in an orderly fashion, and you can capture and compare information more strategically.

Types of exit interview templates

You can use templates for exit interviews in two different ways. One technique involves asking the questions verbally; the other is a written exit interview form that the employee completes.
You can also combine these two methods – let employees fill out a form and then discuss their responses in an interview.
Any exit interview template should include questions that cover these five categories:
  • Reasons for leaving
  • Job circumstances
  • Company culture
  • Work environment
  • Technology
You should tailor the exit interview template to your organization’s unique needs.

1. Exit interview questions template

An exit interview questions template is used by HR during a face-to-face interview with the employee who is leaving. It usually consists of open-ended questions that can prompt a discussion.
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2. Exit interview form template

An exit interview form template is a questionnaire or a survey that the employee fills out. Answers are provided on a rating scale and/or multiple-choice basis, but can include some open-ended questions.
The data from this method is more easily measurable and quantifiable than what exit interview questions provide.
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3. Exit interview email template

An exit interview email template is a template of the email invite that will be sent to the departing employee for an exit interview. It’s important to explain all the key details, including the purpose of the interview, who will be there, where it will take place, and also share the questions you plan to ask so that the employee doesn’t feel ambushed.
Here’s an example of an exit interview email template:
Hi (Employee’s name),

Hope you’re well!

As you are leaving the company on (Date), we are inviting you to take part in an exit interview.

The purpose of this interview is to gain your valuable feedback on your experience working at (Company), which will help us make vital improvements in the future.

You’ll be asked a series of questions, which we have attached to this email. We recommend reading this in advance so that you can spend some time thinking about your responses. Please note that everything you share will remain confidential.

Here are all the details of the exit interview:

– (Date)

– (Time)

– (Location)

– Conducted by (name/s)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.



A considered exit interview template helps you stay on track, collect the relevant data you need, and provide a consistently positive offboarding experience for departing employees.
The right exit interview questions are key to gathering and analyzing the right information to help your organization improve the overall employee experience and ultimately reduce unwanted turnover.
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